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A small drive in the rains - Photolog

August, 2008

Some photographs captured while on a drive in Manik's car, specifically to enjoy the rains in the August of 2008. The drive was along the upper Ganga canal road, or nehar, as it's popularly called. Idyllic villages, children having a gala time in the rain and a swim in the canal, and the laid back village scenes made up for a refreshing change from city life.

Upper Ganga Canal drive


July, 2008

An official trip down to Chennai gave me an opportunity to do what I had dreamt for a long time - to ride a motorcycle along a beach. Had one full weekend to myself, so I met up with a friend, took a bus to Pondicherry, and the next day, headed straight to the market to rent a motorcyle. After spending a few hours inside the city, it was time for beach hunting, and to fulfil an old dream...

Weekend at Pondicherry

Kinnaur: Chitkul & Roghi

May, 2008

The itch to ride away into the hills has been there for some time now. The last I rode in the hills was way back in January. I had a new lens to try out, and this trip gave me plenty of vistas to fulfill that. And this trip gave me that unexpected dose of adventure in the form of a trail that we discovered from Roghi to get back into the highway.

Day 1 : Noida - Bawanagar

Day 2 : Bawanagar - Sangla - Chitkul

Day 3 : Chitkul - Kalpa - Roghi

Day 4,5 : Roghi - Narkanda - Noida

Chokhi Dhani

March, 2008

I was still not in a condition to ride, and this trip came as a much needed relief after I had to spend weeks in bed with a broekn leg after the accident. Again, thanks to Manik.

Chokhi Dhani


February, 2008

This was a day trip with friends, and one of the rare trips that I have done in a four wheeler. Thanks to Manik for this.


Tehri & Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand

January, 2008

Just another of those 3 day rides, the aim being just riding and photography.

Day 1 : Noida - Nalupani

Day 2 : Nalupani - Dayara Bugyal - Chaam

Day 3 : Chaam - Old Tehri - Noida

Jalori Pass

September, 2007

Most friends from BCMT were going out on a tour of Ladakh, while some of the less fortunate, which included I and Dixit, were sweating it out in Delhi. So we decided to at least have a weekend ride, and we decided it to be Jalori pass.

Day 1 : Noida - Khanag

Day 2 : Khanag - Noida

Binsar, Kumaon

July, 2007

With the rains eluding Delhi, I decided to give them a chase. Some friends down south posting marvelous photos of rides and rains were the inspiration. So we set out, I and Shamik, fully geared for a ride in the rains. Though we didn't have much success with the rains, we did come pretty close to the clouds.

Day 1 : Noida - Almora - Binsar

Day 2 : Binsar - Noida


March, 2007

After our last aborted trip to Harsil, this had to happen soon. So off we went, this time, I, Manik and Sparsh. The route planned was basically the same as the last time, only this time we decided to deliberately take the off road stretch from Champa that goes around the Tehri lake and brings us back to the main highway, some 60 Kms after Champa towards Uttarkashi.

Day 1 : Noida - Uttarkashi

Day 2 : Uttarkashi - ITBP camp

Day 3 & 4: ITBP camp - Nalupani - Noida

Tehri, Uttaranchal

February, 2007

This is one trip I won't forget about in a hurry. Our original plan was to ride till Harsil and turn back.

But then, It rained and rained,
and then it rained more.
And nearer we got to our homes on our way back,
brighter the sun shined.

Day 1 : Noida - Uttarkashi

Day 2 : Uttarkashi - Bhatwari - Champa

Day 3 : Champa - Noida

Surajkund Mela

February, 2007

Surajkund mela, an excellent opportunity to try out my photography skills.

Surajkund Mela

Lake Seruvalsar (Serolsar)

January, 2007

Last trip with Manik, to Auli, exactly a year ago was a roaring success in terms of the adventure we had, and the fun we had with snow. This time, I wanted something bigger, better. I had seen the Seruvalsar lake start freezing at the edges on my last trip there, in November. I instantly had visions of how the lake would look like at the peak of winter. Thus we went hunting for a frozen lake and found it!

Day 1 : Noida - Khanag

Day 2 : Khanag - Seruvalsar -Khanag

Day 3 : Khanag - Shoja - Narkanda

Day 4 : Narkanda - Hatu - Noida


December, 2006

A quick weekend outing with my team from office. Only two days in hand. Nainital seemed to be the perfect location. Obviously, for a change I was not riding my motorcycle this time. And thus happens to be my only tour in the hills on a four wheeler in some years. A full day spent along the shores of the lake gave me plenty of opportunities to do some photography.


Munshiyari, Kumaon

December, 2006

Being associated with BCM, I get plenty of opportunities and like minded friends to see the world with. There are not many places in Himachal that are high enough or far enough for a 5 day tour once it starts snowing. Anyway, the past few trips were almost entirely dedicated to touring Himachal Pradesh, which made me suddenly interested when friends at BCM latched a plan for Kumaon.

Day 1 : Noida to Rayagarh

Day 2 : Rayagarh - Chakauri - Rayagarh - Munshiyari

Day 3 : Munshiyari to Almora

Day 4 : Almora to Noida


September, 2006

My last tour of Ladakh left many places to be explored, particularly the Manali - Leh highway and the lakes Tso kar and Tso Moriri. Visiting these splendid locations was the primary objective of this tour. Of course, scarcity of leaves didn't leave us with much scope to explore other places, like Nubra, which I am yet to set foot on. Tso Kar and Tso Moriri are some of the spots in Ladakh that are yet to see an influx of tourists, thanks to absence of proper access routes to these places.

Day 1 : Noida to Marhi

Day 2 : Marhi to Pang

Day 3 : Pang to Leh

Day 4 : Leh; Khardung La, Shanti Stupa

Day 5 : Leh, Tso kar, Tso Moriri

Day 6 : Tso Moriri to Sarchu

Day 7 : Sarchu to Kullu

Day 8 : Kullu to Noida

Lahaul and Spiti

June, 2006

This is one journey I have been planning for more than a year now. My last attempt almost exactly a year ago was thwarted due to the flash floods on Sutlej, which caused massive destruction all along the roads I planned to travel. In fact, I would call myself lucky to escape the fury of the Sutlej as I could make it only till Shimla instead of Jeori as per my plans, thanks to bad weather. My last attempt was a solo attempt and I enjoyed it a lot. But after I met with an accident this January, my parents wouldn’t even hear of letting me go alone. All the same, I would have some how managed this trip, partner or no partner.

Day 1 : Noida to Kinnaur

Day 2 : Kinnaur to Tabo

Day 3 : Tabo to Gette

Day 4 : Gette to Koksar

Day 5 : Koksar to Kullu

Day 6 : Kullu to Noida

Auli : A weekend adventure

January, 2006

The perennial biker's itch; that was what started another of the many country - hopping trips that we bikers do so often. For long, I have been on the look out for a place where I could try my hand at skiing. After much consideration, we decided the place to be Auli, in Uttaranchal. Auli is one of the most famous skiing spots in India. This is just 12 Kms away from Joshimath, which is the base station for tourists heading for Auli. Tourists, especially skiers flock to Auli during the main skiing season spread over January, February and March. Located at an altitude ranging from 2519 Mts. to 3049 Mts over the slopes, Auli receives bountiful snowfall, resulting in delightful snow covered slopes, making it a skier’s paradise.

The above write up by me was published in Bike India, March 2006 edition. This was something of an achievement for me, and my claim to fame!

Day 1 : Noida to Joshimath

Day 2, 3 : Joshimath, Auli and back

Lahaul and Spiti : Attempt one

September, 2005


24th, 25th June, 2005; our (I and Yogesh's) plans to explore Spiti were cancelled, since Yogesh suddenly got an assignment at home. But I still had 6 offs in a row, and I was not going to waste the 6 days just staying at home. Someone suggested Munshiyari in Uttaranchal. Someone else said it's not safe to do this trip alone. So, in the end, plans were finalized for Spiti; Tabo, Kaza and back via Rohtang and Manali. Thus started my only solo trip till now and I was pretty excited; it was just me and my bike for full 5 days with the majestic Himalayas for company.

Day 1 : Noida to Shimla

Day 2 : Dhali to Jalori Pass

Day 3 : Khanag to Keylong

Day 4 : Keylong - Darcha - Koksar

Day 5 : Koksar to Noida

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Too good salil...
u rock man....
nice great seems as if i m on a trip with u..
keep it up dude,and b in touch..
Can you guys pick me up next time when leaving for such trips?

Nitin Gangwar
That's heaven you don't need to die for.

I have made my mind to go there for sure.
Hi salil hw r u hope ur work it going fine..... take care of your self.... and enjoy the biking safly and secure.........
To have been, both to heaven and hell and back.

Salil, I live around Shimla and have done my bit of trekking in these high regions.

You will have terrific tales to tell you grandchildren and they will only believe the pictures that you put out here not the stories that you would like narrate along.
Awesome, Marvellous, mindblowing, adjectives are short Salil..
Hi Salil,

Fantastic blog!!! I really liked it.

Keep it up!

~ Nikita
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Amazing pix! But where did you stay at Munshiyari, & how did you book?
I read about your Sach pass trip on BCM Touring and really enjoyed it. I wonder if you did post the kml of the ride somewhere - I would really like to have a look at it. Thanks!

Amazing pics man! really loved em!! Me too an Himalayan Ride dreamer... :D Mera No. Kab aayega!!
hats off to ur journeys dude
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