Friday, July 20, 2007

Binsar, July 2007

The Almora - Binsar stretch

The hotties that Shamik talked about.

A random stop somewhere, hunting for grub.

At the gates of the Binsar Wildlife sanctuary.

Inside Binsar Wildlife sanctuary.

Shamik, hungry and exhausted...

Green fiesta

Sunset at zero point, Binsar, where the road ends.

Next morning, at the KMVN rest house.

View from our room window at the KMVN rest house!

Views from the rooftop of the KMVN rest house; clouds above, clouds below, me in between!

The KMVN rest house, located at the highest point in the area, with views all around.

Way back, inside the sanctuary

Moss on the road

Shamik on the road

It clears up a bit; the clouds go down!

My sweetheart, with 60,000 Kms on the odo and still going strong.

Green everywhere.

A temple, inside the sanctuary

Fallen pine leaves on the road.

Shamik, in love with his Geo cruiser.

Hi Salil,

I stumbled upon your blog while looking up info on the net for Binsar. And I must say, those are some beautiful pictures!

I also looked at your other posts about various trips in the Himalayas. You did all that biking!! Wow!

Coming back to Binsar... you went there during July last year (2007), right? Was it not rainy? If so, was it rainy enough to restrict moving about? Were the roads okay during the rains?

Also, did you get good mountain views during sunrise, sunset? Your pictures suggest that it was pretty cloudy.

Actually, I am in a dilemma. I have bookings for Binsar during the last week of July this month... but some friends of mine are suggesting that July is not the right time to go, and that I should wait till October...

While I am happy to find in you another soul who went there in July, I'm looking forward to your views on the above questions.

I will be travelling with my wife and will be on four wheels (not two wheels). :-)

Thanks a lot,

- Nipun
Hi Salil
Amazing pics..Me & 2 of my friends are planning to ride to Binsar from Delhi around Mar-April 2009.

Could guide me more about it during that time.And also could you provide me with the number for the KMVB guesthouse
Really impressed.I am Rupinder Flora from Switzerland. I am planning a trip somewhere in April 2009 to Himalayas. Can I please have your telephone no. Hope I can have some expert tips from you.My email ID is
Awesome pics. but where did you stay at Munshiyari? After viewing your pix, I am planning a trip to Binsar & Munshiyari.
I just tripped over your Blog while going through the BCM threads. Man i really appreciate for all the wonderful details i could gather from your blog. I myself is an avid himalayan traveller, doing the travels in between my busy life. However when i tumble upon the sites like this i just say to myself GOD someday make me meet these guys duringmy travels...
Hi boss,

Nice Pics, which camera have you used while shooting

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