Thursday, June 30, 2005

Day 5 : Koksar to Noida

Day 5 : 30th June, 2005
I Got up at 5:30 and set out by 6 AM. It was a beautiful morning. A bit cloudy, but the clouds kissing the mountain peaks just a few meters away had a special charm to it.

I rode right into the clouds by the time I reached Rohtang pass. It was chilling at the top. I took off my gloves to click a few snaps and my fingers went numb.

As soon as I crossed Rohtang, it started drizzling. I was half way down to Manali and the tourist cabs had already started their trips up to Rohtang. I had breakfast at café Kothi and got ready for the long and grueling ride back to Delhi. Halfway to Kullu from Manali, my chain started making weird noises. I stopped at a local mech and when he opened the black lid, the chain was so loose that it was lying at the bottom of the chain cover.

This was my longest ride in a single day till date, with regards to duration and distance. I started from Koksar at 6 in the morning and reached home at 10 PM, a distance of about 710 Kms. This one trip will be etched in my memory forever.

You can see all the photos of this trip here.
Some high resolution wallpapers for your desktop here.


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Salil, your snaps are very cool - and the details of your journey are very inspiring and helpful to people like me planning for similar venture in near future
Hi Salil
Chanced upon your blog while surfing around ... loved reading your post on the solo trip ....
Happy riding ...
hi salil,
must have been a memorable trip, i know i have been there but on a safari ( lucknow to khardung la in june 2009), i have a thunderbird and love to ride, would love to join in if u plan a bike trip to ladakh next time, take care, keep riding.
Dr Mohit
Your discriptions and photoes are so perfect, I experienced as if I myself was going through the journey.
Thanks for sharing.
-Dr. Himanshu maniar
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