Monday, September 18, 2006

Ladakh, September 2006

Hi all
This was an 8 day tour from Noida to Leh and back, covering Tso Kar and Tso Moriri on the way back that me and Dixit did in September 2006. Why post it now, when its almost time for this year's trip log? Well, ask Yogesh... he ain't posted his log yet. And he's the admin here!

Well, I've been waiting to complete the trip log to post these pics with, but it never materialized. So I finally gave up and ...
The pics...

Nothing interesting on day 1; just the plains and the straight boring highway.

Day 2, a butt break. Manali - Leh highway

Somewhere just before the tents @ Sarchu.

Day 3, found this just as we started for the day from Pang. Truckers create such shortcuts to cut down on a few loops...

The view from there. That's Pang.

High altitude sickness (AMS). Dixit gets it again.
The original roads were washed away by floods this year. So a parallel dirt track is all that's there to
cross the pains now (as of September 2006). Work was on to restore the metaled roads..

Dixit was literally dragging himself along. While me being luckier just enjoyed the whole thing...
This was perhaps a dried up lake that formed after all the heavy rains this year.

More plains. A high altitude plain flanked by moutains on both sides, and a road that's at times straight as an arrow.. a rarity in the mountains.

Dixit finally gives up... an hour of rest, painkillers and a lot of water got him up and riding again.

The plains ends at the climb for Tanglang La - the world's second highest motorable road. Some way into the climb, it began snowing.

At the top...

We reached Leh city by evening, day 3.

Day 4. On the way to Khardung La...Claimed to be the world's highest motorable pass, at 18380 feet.


On the way back.

Barley crops.

Leh city from up above.

Prayer wheels in Leh

Shanti Stupa

Day 5. Way back from Leh. This shortcut is supposed to be used only to go down.
Could ride up mid way when it began to get too steep for me and had to turn back.
This is on the ascend to Tanglang La when coming back from leh.

Back to More plains... a nomad riding his horse.

Missed a turn at Tso Kar that goes to Tso Moriri and ended up here... a dead end.
Ended up having to park our bikes at Tso Moriri due to this and take a hike to save petrol.
Dixit had to ride his CBZ in reserve for about 40 Kms before we finally reached Tandi.
This after he used up the 10 Lts of extra fuel we carried! Pulsar rocks. Didn't even hit the reserve!

Tso Kar

Grasslands on the shores of Tso Kar.

The colors... you have to see it to believe it!

Day 6. We reach Tso Moriri.

Tso Moriri

We were low on fuel, with no place to fill up from. So we parked and took a hike along the lake...

Grasslands, and a wildlife sanctuary on the shores of Tso Moriri.

Roads along the lake.

Back on the Manali - Leh highway, saw this as I entered a curve on a cloudy evening.

A panoramic view of Sarchu.

We crossed Manali and checked in to a guest house at Sundernagar for the night. Day 8 was the usual commute back home on the boring highways.
So guys, it's a great place out there. Get riding now!

I am just so proud of you Guys,
I have no words...but to say: AWESOME !

I just finished watching a program on National Geographic channel(USA)
and googled "dixit+ladakh" looking for the small town up,around Leh.
population 500.........but;I found your blog,and I am so glad I did.

the photos capture the beauty and isolation beautifully.
and the rebel(recklessness?)spirit
embedded in the pics.

I simply love sincere prayers
i'm lovin it already
Superb SShots..... you ppl have burnt the fire inside me to explore those valleys as soon as possible,,,,

God Bless

Great photos!
I will run from Shimla to LEH at the end of September this year, and are considering driving to Tsomoriri Lake and Lake Kar. Is the executable path from Pang to Tsomoriri Lake and on to Lake Kar? Which way would you recommend? Thank you for your reply on mail:

Sincerely, JL
Left with no words....simply awesome photographs. Keep going and enjoy your ride.
awesome pics. we are planning the trip this summer July 10. Planning to drive to Leh and rent bikes there to go the Nubra Valley and then down to tsomoriri and tsokar.
Have a couple of logistics question. Would you mind dropping me a line
i thought all are hand made paintings.

Gr8 one dude.
that's great, after watching it I am very mch interested to go on this place.... to feel this place...
classy very classy...
i m mostly fixed to go this july...
lets imagine till then...cheers
Jeez...what great shots..planning to hit the roads this june/july..:)
hi ,that was fantastic, mind boggling,am going there in june sure would be great help if could share some info to clear some of my niggling worries
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