Saturday, December 02, 2006

Munshiyari, Kumaon. December 2006

Some photos from the trip.

First snow sighting and everyone came to a halt:

Sutta + Photography break...

Second snow sighting; Everyone comes to another halt!

The amazing sunrise at Chakauri, that some lazy bones missed out.

After the Sunrise, at Chakauri...

A view from our hotel before day 2 started...

Locals, livelihoods...

I simply love fall colors. I just come to a screeching halt when I see them.

Next stop.. which river was that?

Picture perfect...

Only too eager to get shot were they.

Right after the only pass in this trip, the Kalamuni Pass.

Almost in Munshiyari.

Me, Shamik and Manik go sightseeing...

On the way back; I was in no mood to sacrifice photography avenues to rip along. So kept at my own sweet pace and shot some of the best pics of the tour on the way back.

This stretch had the most awesome rippable roads in the entire tour. And with almost no traffic to tackle.

Dj, with that florescent orange bag hanging down on the front could be spotted from far away.

Look who is trying to help whom

Next moment... To hell with him...

Trekked up to Birthi falls;

Way back:

Ah... I love these colors!

Typical roads in Uttaranchal.

Pine forests.

A short stop at Nainital, for lunch...

Well, that's Uttaranchal for you. Enjoy!


Hi Salil,

You have posted awesome pics .. what camera make and model do you use?

Hello Salil,
I was searching the web for information on biking in India around the Kalamuni pass, as I would like to do this myself, then I found your blog. Great info., and great pictures. Would I being British be able to buy a bike in India while on a touring visit? I also have a question: Have you seen this palm tree on your travels around Kalamuni?

Garima, I use a Canon 350D with the a Canon 18-55 and a Canon 70-200 4L lenses.

I haven't seen that palm tree as of yet in Uttarakhand yet. Buying a bike legally, being a foreigner in India would be a bit tough. Renting would be a much better option. Check
for info. Post a query there for more info. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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