Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 6 : Kullu to Noida

Day 6: 9th June, 2006

It was warm in the morning when we started. We hardened ourselves for a day of riding in the June heat in the plains of North India. The temperature kept rising with lose of altitude and we took frequent breaks to cool down. However, it was good fun ripping down the smooth hill roads, which are again one of my favorite stretches. The ride home went smoothly, and it was only after the sun went down that we got some respite from the heat. We reached home as planned at about 9 PM at night.

Kms covered : 560
Expenses : 763 (Fuel and accommodation)


Day 1 : Noida to Kinnaur
Day 2 : Kinnaur to Tabo
Day 3 : Tabo to Gette
Day 4 : Gette to Koksar
Day 5 : Koksar to Kullu
Day 6 : Kullu to Noida

Just done reading the log salil. Amazing ride it was. Guess all the planning paid of. Really envy u gyes for making the full use of the time. But how could one ride near the river bed in the total darkness. we got quite confused in broad day light!!. Very nice write up and pix:)
only one word I can say TOO GOOD, cheers man u have Guts and passion.

Thanks Praveen and Abhishek. @Praveen, it was almost dark when we were riding thru the the river bed area. Yup, we got confused too and at one point ended up having to push my bike back up to the main road.
You have great courage your are mentioning you visited the same kind of area solo last time .Just completed reading your long travelogue.It was simply great.
Salil Bhai, what better a trip could be ?
I've enjoyed every bit of it while reading as if i was riding with you.

Cheers for you


PS . What Camera are you using ?
great job !!! due to paucity of time, i could not read the text, but the pics are self-explanatory .... awesome experience dude !!!
Awesome pictures.
But some are not showing up.
Great report! makes me want to sell my house and head your way :)

Ghost Rider
Awesome ride, Enviable? Definitely!
The pictures were a real treat.


Cheers and ride safe!
nice ride bother! and nice pics .. bookmarked to read it later in peace :)
hi dear,

My name is vikas & planning a trip to KAZA this month.After reading your trip details i am refreshed & highly impressed with your photographs.

Please tell me which camera u used during your trip.
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