Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My wanderings-old

Lahaul and Spiti
June, 2006

A background
This is one journey I have been planning for more than a year now. My last attempt almost exactly a year ago was thwarted due to the flash floods on Sutlej, which caused massive destruction all along the roads I planned to travel. In fact, I would call myself lucky to escape the fury of the Sutlej as I could make it only till Shimla instead of Jeori as per my plans, thanks to bad weather. My last attempt was a solo attempt and I enjoyed it a lot. But after I met with an accident this January, my parents wouldn’t even hear of letting me go alone. All the same, I would have some how managed this trip, partner or no partner.

Auli : A weekend adventure
June, 2005

The destination
The perennial biker's itch; that was what started another of the many country - hopping trips that we bikers do so often. For long, I have been on the look out for a place where I could try my hand at skiing. After much consideration, we decided the place to be Auli, in Uttaranchal. Auli is one of the most famous skiing spots in India. This is just 12 Kms away from Joshimath, which is the base station for tourists heading for Auli. Tourists, especially skiers flock to Auli during the main skiing season spread over January, February and March. Located at an altitude ranging from 2519 Mts. to 3049 Mts over the slopes, Auli receives bountiful snowfall, resulting in delightful snow covered slopes, making it a skier’s paradise.

Lahaul and Spiti : Attempt one
January, 2005

24th, 25th June, 2005; our (I and Yogesh's) plans to explore Spiti were cancelled, since Yogesh suddenly got an assignment at home. But I still had 6 offs in a row, and I was not going to waste the 6 days just staying at home. Someone suggested Munshiyari in Uttaranchal. Someone else said it's not safe to do this trip alone. So, in the end, plans were finalized for Spiti; Tabo, Kaza and back via Rohtang and Manali. Thus started my only solo trip since now and I was pretty excited; it was just me and my bike for full 5 days with the majestic Himalayas for company.

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